Miscellaneous Characters

On this page I have some characters which are notable, but aren't fleshed-out enough to merit an entire page dedicated to them. They might not have any lore, context, storyline, canon or universe, and that limits their potential and limits the amount that I have to say about them. But even so, I still care a lot about them, which is why I've listed them.
(There's actually even minor-minor characters that are just kind of like background characters created for my characters, like their group of friends or their rivals or family or whatnot. I only give them mentions if they're significant enough to whoever I'm listing.)


Name » Domnic Holl
Race » Half-Orc
Age » 25
Gender » Male
Class » Barbarian
Alignment » Chaotic Evil

Domnic Holl is, as half-orcs tend to be, massive in size, brawny and formidable. He stands 185cm tall. For a half-orc he's actually pretty short and small, which still means he's as broad as the biggest of human men. His neck, limbs, and shoulders are extremely thick. His skin is an ashy, purplish brown. His hair a brown so dark that it looks black in most lights. He has facial hair on his chin and stubble on his jaw. His hair is shorn and parted down the middle. His eyes are brown, and his eyebrows bushy. As is typical for half-orcs, he has two large tusks. On the center of his chest there is a large scar from when a magical silver sword pierced him as a child. His armor is made up out of claws, bones, skulls and various hides. On his shoulders he wears a ragged, black cloak.

Domnic never found a place among the human settlement where he grew up. Since he was orphaned, the only parent he knew was a short-spoken elven man called Daeghun. Growing up in his hometown of West Harbor, Domnic was always thought of as a monster in the back of people's heads which warped him to behave exactly so. He's temperamental, brooding, unhappy, and compassionless. Even downright violent, if you offend him greatly enough. When communicating with others he typically just growls at them. It's not easy to get close to him, but those who are looked on as outcasts tend to automatically gain his favor, which is why in his travels he became fast friends with a tiefling girl. He seems to seek conflict, or else conflict seems to follow him.

- Domnic is my Neverwinter Nights 2 player character, I grew very fond of him during my playthrough. I wouldn't mind using him in some other context or story honestly he's kinda fire
- He worships Bahgtru
- Domnic usually responds with just growls, hums, and grunts. His most common line is "Mhm."

Name » Izergiel Ezrević
Species » Bat monster
» Has the ability to appear as human
» Has the additional ability to turn into a bat
Age » 26
Gender » Male

» Izer is a short yet muscular man, standing 165cm tall. When he is not disguised as a human, he is a gigantic batlike monster with pale, pink, diaphanous skin and veiny membranes.
» His skin does not appear as ghastly when he is disguised as a human, but he bruises very easily in both forms.
» In both forms, he has unkempt, straggly, black hair. His eyes are gray. His nose is scrunched and batlike. His face shape is square and his cheekbones are high.
» Because he needs to move his gigantic wings, his pectoral muscles are disproportionally huge.

» Extremely arrogant and haughty
» Temperamental, gets irritated and angers very quickly
» Can't laugh at himself at all, and is a sore loser
» Izer reacts in a 'sour grapes' way a lot when something is unattainable to him
» Izer is quick to criticize others and is very prejudiced based on looks
» Would be a good liar and manipulator but he's not humble enough to even fake wanting to serve or please someone
» Izer likes to think he's as methodical and cunning as his father always was, but in reality he lacks the patience for that. He could never play crazy mindgames like his father, because he's too proud and hot-headed.
» A bit of a perfectionist. If Izer can't reach the standards of what he imagines his father to be like, he'll beat himself up over it
» The only way you can get Izer to cooperate (without violence or blackmail) is to be someone he admires. Traits he admires include being cunning, ambitious, headstrong, authoritative, and liking Izer himself. Flattery is a pretty good way to bring him round. He does not like women, and is more likely to admire men.
» Izer is a convincing liar, but only when he doesn't really care too much about whatever he's lying about. If it's something that affects him emotionally he can be a little flustered, which can be spotted by a keen eye
» If he cares about someone, he'll be annoyed by it and try to make himself stop somehow.

- His father's name is Ezrevan and his mother's is Lyudirgila. Ezrevan is a ruthless and methodic businessman and killer, basically a real badass. Lyudirgila is a cowardly, meek, sickly woman, who looks like she personifies sorrow.
- When in his regular form of a bat monster he has the sharpened senses of a bat, which he loses when he disguises himself as a human. His voice is a lot more coarse in his regular form as well, and has a bit of a hiss to it.
- A short playlist of music that suits Izer, and a sample of what I think his voice would probably sound like
- Usual trope etc


Name » Nattereri (or just Nat)
Species » Piranha-human hybrid
Age » 20-25
Gender » Male
Occupation » Student
Appearance: Nat is a bony, scrawny manlet, he's got a row of super long piranha teeth, his skin is bleak with a green-grayish tinge and he's got spiky hair that's part dark red and part murky green. His stomach is red.
Personality: He's a very ferocious guy, arrogant but easily flustered, will snap at you if he feels like you're disrespecting him, he's a bit feral y'know a bit of a crackhead cause he's part piranha and shit so... he might threaten to tear your liver to shreds with his bare teeth to seem like a real tough guy yknow a real THREAT. He really wants to prove himself to be super strong and just as bloodthirsty and capable as all of the other predator-hybrids, he's super jealous of an orca-human-hybrid and tries to one-up him constantly. That's about it. yeah

- Nat was made mainly because I think piranhas are pretty cool and because I heard Piranha by Alípio Martins, which is a slapper and a banger and just got this inspiration for a new character and here we are
- Nat has a pretty unoriginal name and it was actually just the working title (since Nattereri is not only the latin name of piranhas, it's also the latin name of some random bat from the same area, both were named after some researcher/explorer who 'discovered' them), but I grew fond of it. Like I really genuinely think it's a cool ass word, especially if you pronounce it in a Finnish way it just sounds nice, so the name stuck
- Created him in february 2021
- Usual trope lol


Name » Rajivi
Species » Human (also has an alternative design as a jackal)
Age » In his late 20's
Gender » Male
Occupation » Thief
Alignment » Neutral evil

Summary: Rajivi is a business savvy criminal, who has absolutely mastered the art of lying and making money. He is charismatic, laid-back, expressive, and cheerful on the outside, but extremely opportunistic and sly on the inside. He's the type to be absolutely hopeless in combat, preferring to order others to do the dirty work for him. Being short and sort of scrawny doesn't help either. Rajivi has pitch black hair, brown eyes, and a constant smirk. On his back he has a gigantic tattoo of an octopus done in black ink. He often bedecks himself in fine clothing and golden jewelry.
He is hungry for power and money because of his upbringing as a homeless orphan, but also has a desperate need for closeness because of it. He is however, distrustful and secretive, despite speaking like he's friends with everybody. No one has ever really seen him lose his temper. He has a great sense of humor and is very down to earth, despite looking very vain and pretentious, it's only an act.

- Rajivi's alternative name is Rontti. 'Rajivi' is a translation of the Finnish word 'Rontti' in a fictional language.
- Rajivi pretends to be a wealthy merchant in order to cover up his business as a criminal
- He would have no qualms about scamming anyone and would gladly do it
- Rajivi has an accent when he speaks. He also smokes and his voice has a raspy quality because of it.
- Rajivi has had kind of a corruption arc, where he began as a cheerful vagabond with a tendency to pilfer things and then his greed and ambition evolved until it became his most defining feature. He will either get a redemption arc or have a tragic ending, whichever's cooler and works out better
- If I had to name a source of inspiration one might be Rukey Greentail from Pyre. After I saw There Will Be Blood I felt that that movie also fits Rajivi very well
- A playlist of music that suits Rajivi

Ruoto Rääväkita

Name » Ruoto Rääväkita (Translates to Fishbone Foulmaw which sounds goofy as hell, I promise you it sounds better in Finnish.)
» 'Rääväkita' is word play on 'rääväsuu' which means foul-mouth. 'Räävä' (or räävitön) literally translates to rude or obscene.
Species » Part of a humanoid race who act as guardians of water, which is why he has gills, fins, scales, and a fishtail.
Age » In his 40's
Gender » Male
Class » Barbarian/berserker
Occupation » Chieftain
Alignment » Chaotic Good

Summary: Ruoto is a big, brutish man with a great love for battle and food. He is extremely hot-tempered, belligerent, moody, stupid/unintelligent, and easy to trick. He is not evil, however and is probably one, if not the most, kindhearted of all of my characters. He ends up being a bit of a bandit but only does it for the love he bears his people and out of necessity, never out of ill-intent.

- Has an alternative design as a great fishlike hound
- Owns a dagger which he has named Kalanen (Translation = Fishie).
- Sometimes he wears a teal-colored skullcap on his head.
- He is inspired by Finnish... heritage... stuff... such as Kalevala


Name » Irathias
Species » Humanoid, god
» Can appear as a black wyrm or a panther made out of shadow
Age » Thousands of years
Gender » Male
Occupation » God of the underworld
Alignment » Neutral evil
Summary: Irathias is a gigantic man with a thick mane of black hair, and bright red eyes with a black sclera. He wears a crown of smoke and shadow upon his temples. His clothing is scant, but he wears some very extravagant, golden jewelry.
- Ruthless
- Temperamental and irritable
- Condescending towards others
- Cunning & shrewd
- Ambitious and greedy for power (he plots to place his own family on the throne of the realm of the living by marrying his daughter Rinika to the king and then driving the king mad and eventually to his grave. He then plans to rule through his daughter by being her advisor)
- Perfectionist, holds high standards for himself and all those who are related to him (he has especially high expectations for his son Vathie).

- He is among the oldest of all of my characters dating back to when I was 12 years old.
- The Underworld's name (in the canon Irathias is from) is Smagrof and through it runs a river called Aqino, who's water can take the life from living things and can give life to inanimate things. These two are comparable to the Greek underworld and the river Styx.
- A short playlist of music that suits Irathias

Ashikawa Kazuo


Name Ashikawa Kazuo
Species Human
Age 18-23
Gender Male
Occupation Student


» Kazuo is 173cm tall (so relatively tall) His shapes are very slim - he's got a long, slim face, and slender fingers. His shoulders seem broad but that's only because he's got a great posture
» He wears his black hair in a curtains haircut
» He has thick eyelashes, brown eyes, a sharp chin and a long, thin nose.
» When not wearing a uniform, he wears jeans, sneakers, t-shirts, and baggy, sporty sweatshirts. When going out he wears a black varsity jacket. He keeps himself looking very tidy and clean.


» On the outside Kazuo seems like a very considerate guy. He's super well-mannered, and hard-working
» Kazuo is also a bit of a stickler. This is because he has a very strong sense of 'fairness'. Rules are there to ensure that everyone is treated equally. If someone breaks the rules and isn't punished accordingly, that means they're getting special treatment, which isn't right for everybody else
» He thinks it's everyone's responsibility to treat others how they'd want to be treated themselves, and openly scrutinizes inconsiderate acts
» His kind-hearted demeanor can be somewhat deceptive, because Kazuo can be extremely assertive and stubborn, and act surprisingly petty and ruthless. Kazuo can get very riled up if you know how to push his buttons, he can get pretty furious that way
» So, in spite of being well-mannered, he's not especially mild-mannered. Kazuo does, however, show a healthy amount of humility, and has a great sense of humor
» He can suppress his anger most of the time, especially since he knows that engaging in fights is still bad behaviour no matter what you're fighting for. There is, however, one person, who's an exception to this
» People most often accuse him of being self-righteous or even fake
» Confronting people comes very easy to him. If you do something he disagrees with, he can't help himself, and will admonish you for what you've done
» He has no respect for people who break the rules, think they can get away with whatever, think they can do whatever they want, act arrogant, shove others around, threaten others, ruin other people's property etc etc shitty behaviour
» He loves to be helpful (he'll never let you copy his homework but he'll offer to help you with yours) and is a very diligent student. Sometimes even too diligent - Kazuo can be a perfectionist and is hard on himself if he doesn't perform well in school, sometimes even forgetting to eat or sleep in order to do extra work. It's not a good feature. Under stress he can become pretty volatile
» Kazuo isn't hard to irritate, but he is hard to truly anger. It's not unusual for him to snap at you or yell at you, but when you've really upset him he gets an extremely threatening aura about him and becomes frighteningly quiet. It pretty much never happens, which makes it feel worse when it does


» Has an intense rivalry with Otsuka. If and when he gets in trouble at school, it can always be traced back to Otsuka. But no matter how many fights they have, or how many times Kazuo tries to ignore him, at the end of the day, he can't help himself
» At the top of this page I spoke about minor-minor PCs (background characters created for actual characters, essentially) and Kazuo is technically one. He's not a character I'm drawn to, but because the character he was created for is my favorite, Kazuo has become one of the most fleshed out characters I have
» Kazuo's hobbies and interests include chess, photography, cycling, swimming, debate and literature.
» He has dabbled in playing the piano, and is decent at it but not remarkably good. The only thing he remembers how to play is Moonlight Sonata (1st Movement)
» He likes jazz, 80's aesthetics, coffee (he's always drinking canned coffee from vending machines), the horror genre, and dark chocolate
» His favorite animals are dolphins and whales, his favorite flavors of ice cream are coffee and mint chocolate chip, his favorite colors are brown, and dark blue.
» His favorite subjects in school are biology, history, and maths. The only school subjects he's not that good at are english and PE
» His birthday is in late winter-early spring
» He is great at organizing things, and is very punctual. His room is almost never a mess. He's the guy who always thinks to bring an umbrella
» He has great handwriting and can read pretty fast. god he's annoying
» His parents are divorced and he has a younger brother named Keisuke (who's two years his junior). His father is a workaholic and is somewhat out of touch with the life of his sons because of that. He has a senior dog named Kouta who's been around for all of Kazuo's life. His mother is caring but has a fiery persona and can be very strict at times.
» Keisuke, despite getting great grades, eventually starts attending the same high school and starts hanging out with Otsuka and his group of delinquent friends, much to Kazuo's dismay
» 'Jerk' is a word he uses often to describe people he doesn't like. He doesn't swear much otherwise. Maybe like "dammit" and stuff, if he's REALLY furious he might swear, but that just makes it scarier cause if you hear him swear you know he's about to go full crack on your ass in a minute
» At first he absolutely loathes his rival Otsuka, but later comes to begrudgingly appreciate bickering with him, befriends him and eventually grows very fond of him. He thinks Otsuka is very sweet and funny, despite the general consensus about him. Otsuka helps him remember there's more to life than work, and shows him that sometimes things aren't what they seem to be at first.
» Despite being so outwardly nice, Kazuo has few friends. He doesn't leave room for socialization in his life due to his school work, and there's been some nasty rumors spread about him in school
» Otsuka calls him various names - loser, nerd, wimp, teacher's pet, goody-goody, angel, and princess being some of them.