Name » Izergiel
Species » Bat-demon
» Has the ability to appear as human
» Has the additional ability to turn into a bat
Gender » Male
Age » 26
Alignment » Neutral evil


» Arrogant and extremely haughty
» Sophisticated, or at least Izer likes to think he is. Because he's the son of a wealthy man and lives in a keep, he likes to think himself to be above others
» Temperamental, gets irritated and angers very quickly
» Izer likes to think he's as methodical and cunning as his father always was, but in reality he lacks the patience for that. He could never play crazy mindgames because he's too busy getting offended and acting like a brat
» A bit of a perfectionist. If Izer can't reach the standards of what he imagines his father to be like, he'll beat himself up over it, basically for nothing
» Can't laugh at himself at all, and is a sore loser
» Izer reacts in a 'sour grapes' way a lot when something is unattainable to him
» Would be a good liar and manipulator but he's not humble enough to even fake wanting to serve or please someone
» Izer is quick to criticize others and be prejudiced based on looks
» The only way you can get Izer to cooperate (without violence or blackmail) is to be someone he admires. Traits he admires include being cunning, ambitious, headstrong, authoritative, and liking Izer himself. Flattery is a pretty good way to bring him round
» Izer is a convincing liar, but only when he doesn't really care too much about whatever he's lying about. If it's something that affects him emotionally he can be a little flustered, which can be spotted by a keen eye
» If he cares about you, he won't admit it, and will be annoyed by his own feelings


Izer is a spoiled brat who lives in a keep with his father Ezrevan, who is a very skilled manipulator. There's a town at the feet of the keep and Izer often visits it in search of trouble. Nobody in the town knows the wealthy family living in the keep are all bat-monsters. Izer has been taught to keep his monstrous form a secret, or else be hunted by the village-folk. He achieves this with a charm that makes him look like a regular human.


Father: Ezrevan
» A ruthless, cold, brilliant, methodic man (or bat-demon) who has everyone wrapped around his little finger. Izergiel aspires to be everything his father is, but fails miserably.
Mother: Lyudirgila
» Izer's mother who was burned alive by Ezrevan. She was a bony, shapeless woman. Cold, meek, miserable, and silent although she had an aura of nobility about her.
Stepbrother: Lycigrith
» Ezrevan had another son soon after the death of Izer's mother, and even though he's still young he has already proven himself to be slyer than Izergiel. He's calm and collected and skillful and ruthless when needed. Ezrevan favors Lycigrith over Izer because of this.


» Despite being able to turn into a bat, being a bat monster, and being able to drink blood, Izer is not a vampire strictly speaking.
» A playlist of music that suits him in one way or another
» For his design I've tried my best to merge the anatomy of a bat and a human together, and exaggerate some features to make it more impactful (like the paws for instance)
» There's a certain character trope which I'm extremely drawn towards, a bunch of characters on this site are built around that trope and Izer is one of them.