I'm meatmogul or just JER_REE or something WELCOME TO MY PAGE MFS

Here's an index of all of my pc's (personal characters, not personal computers I'm too poor for even one of those), all of their info and whatever stuff. Used for ... idk ... maybe some rp shit... maybe some drawing shit... showing my friends and my mom and my dog...?? i don't fucking know, something, it's just a summer project, have something to pass the time. Read if you feel like it or actually I'd rather you didn't if you don't really know me that well but then again it's a free world so just go ahead and do whatever you'd like.

Characters that are notable but don't have L O R E extensive enough to merit their own huge ass profile are on the "Minor PC's" page just so you know.

The characters whose names have been strikethrough'd are not finished cause I'm not interested enough in them rn to finish their pages. yeah yeah I'll do it someday

Some characters may end up getting added or deleted or demoted or shuffled around just so you know

PS. I expect this site looks absolutely monstrously hideous on mobile. I'm not planning on doing anything about it. You've been warned